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  Gigs Diary
Some comments and letters sent to Brenda.
Just to say how very much we all enjoyed your show last night in Amble! To be honest, I was slightly dreading an hour and a half of a comedienne in a small, rural club, but I was SO surprised... laughed out loud for the whole time! We googled you as soon as we got home, and I see you've played with all the greats of my youth! You put in such energy and your quick wit was amazing! Clever lady!
- Mary Gair
Dear Brenda, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your shows and entertainment aboard Balmoral last week. It takes a lot to make me laugh from comedians, but you surpassed everything! Mascara running down my cheeks and helpless laughing. Thank you so so much. Hope the spoonerism will find its way into your repertoire and remember Highland Chickens!! Thank you again for being such a joy.
- Julia Dixon
Dear Brenda, I just want to thank you so much for such a fabulous show on board the MS BALMORAL I did not want to get off yesterday I have had a fantastic time the past 11 nights. I have read your book! Thanks once again and hopefully i will see you in September at Whitley Bay.
- Michelle
Dear Brenda, We first saw you last year at the camping even in Norfolk August bank holiday. We noticed you were on in Liverpool and could not wait. We had our tickets booked back in February and were on the second row in. I was the one you almost threw out over the Carmon rollers. We were there with my friend and his mum and dad. I loved Cilla and was so proud she never forgot Liverpool. Your show was fantastic from start to finish. I hope you enjoyed being in Liverpool, thank you again for the part of you who is Brenda, if there never was a Cilla you are a wonderful entertainer. I hope you will be back again in Liverpool again.
- David Elliott
Hi Brenda, just felt I had to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed your book took it on a break to Benidorm and couldn't put it down till it was finished ,I gave it to a Thomson rep who used to be on the cruises with Thomson enjoyed the photo of Bram .we saw you and  Bram when you done a one to one chat when we had a extra day at sea for bad weather weve never laughed so much and lots of the storys were in the book so well done
- Sheila Rolls
Hi Brenda, I've just finish reading your book and what a life you've had! You've had lots of adventures and I was laughing out loud at some of them. When I first went to Russia I wondered if I was to be allowed in as the stern woman kept looking at me then my passport and did it many times - I did feel like a criminal!  Luckily she eventually grunted and stamped my passport and I made it to the coach for the tour! I'm going to 'The Girls Day Out' on Friday with Christine and as we've bought the tickets in advance we get a goody bag and free drink and free cocktail. It should be good fun and there will be fashion shows too. The last time they had naked butlers (they just wore a wee pinnie!!) - I wonder if they'll be there again!
- Sandy Fraser
I feel I must write to say how much I enjoyed your two performances - a true artiste. This is my 45th cruise and you are the very best that I have been lucky enough to hear and watch on a cruise ship. I was in the theatre myself over fifty years ago with Sadler Wells, as it was called in those days. You can say I was also "a pro". Thank you so much for entertaining me so well. With all good wishes to you for the future.
- Viviene Davies, The Boudicca. Fred Olsen.
We've just returned from a week on the Majesty 11-18th Jan. All I can say is that you made our holiday!! Keep going, been on many ships and you were the best entertainer we've seen yet!!
- Simon & Ted
Just a few words to say thank you for the enjoyment you gave to myself, Nita and everyone else for your performances on stage last week, and for yours and Lynn's hospitality shown off-stage, it was a pleasure to be in your company.
- John (tractor) & Nita
We are just home from our cruise on Celebration round the Eastern Med and just had to contact you to say a massive thanks for bringing so much laughter to the cruise. You are truly inspirational and your performance in the game show had to be seen to be believed! I sincerely hope we meet up with you again on another cruise - you can tell Thomsons that they have found a treasure in you and that people will book with them just to see you again - then ask for more money!!!
- Janet Peters
Just a quick note to say how lovely it was to meet you again this week, aboard Thomson Spirit. As with the first time we joined one of your shows a couple of years ago, this week you once again, had tears of laughter running down our faces and, whilst every Thomson cruise we have been on has been fantastic, your show has added that special extra something. Thank you Hope the bumpy flight out of Corfu hasn't put you off doing it all over again. When does your book come out ? .
- Mike & Pat Hodkinson
Many thanks for the fantastic evening you gave us at the Liberal club Skegness. It was a Friday evening and although it wasn’t full may I say that those members that were in the club thoroughly enjoyed your show and I look forward to seeing you again. I have put your web site on my ‘favourites’ and I shall be checking out when you on at the Liberal again (as well as other pubs/clubs in the Ingoldmells/Skegness area). What I also would like to see is you appearing in my local clubs (Rotherham). Can’t thank you enough for a fantastic show!
- Margaret Hinks
Thank you so much for your lovely photo that Pat and I received. We were very pleased with it. Hoping to meet you again on one of Thompson cruises.
- Mary & Pat Delmar
I still haven’t stopped talking about our first cruise on the celebration and the amazing lady we met in Horizons bar over a cocktail or two, or was it a coffee? Just trying to persuade Sheri to book another cruise but it has to be one that you are working as we both love your shows! Fantastic meeting you hope to see you somewhere in 2011.
- Tony & Sheri
I'm sat watching you in Newton Aycliffe, my name is lee from Ferryhill! You picked on me when you were looking for a man hahaha!!! Just wanted to say your show was ammmmazing! I'm now living in sheffielf/manchester and I'm only home for a few days and if any thing was gna sum up the north east for me it was your act! Truely fantastic! Its people like yourself that make the north east especially County Durham what it is! I was thinking of moving back here and your show made me realise what I miss about this place!
- Lee Elliott
I have just come off the cruise ship the "Celebration" and must tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your shows on board ship. I had just lost my mother so the cruise was to try and help me get back to some kind of normality and although the cruise was perfect food ect it was you who really helped the most I found that I could laugh again. You meet so many people on board because you are such a friendly person so I don't suppose you would remember me but I was lucky enough to have my photograph taken with you which I will treasure and I also met you out and about in one of the ports and we had another chat and one evening on deck when they had a party we had a twist together...... I do hope that I will be able to see you on a cruise in the future but if that does not happen thank you so much for the fun you gave me and all the others on board you are a lovely lady.
- Graham Bunn
Hello Brenda,
I don't suppose you remember me as you meet so many people. My friend and I were on the Celebration in February when you were the guest entertainer. I've just looked at your diary and find that you are back on the Celebration in September - the week we are already booked for! So I know we'll get a good laugh while we're away. Looking forward to seeing you again.
- M Hodgson
Dear Brenda,
We recently saw you at Pedro's Ranch in Menorca and just wanted to say thank you for a lovely evening. We really enjoyed your show and hope to see you again in the future.
- Dani & James, West Midlands
Dear Brenda,
Thanks for the wonderful entertainment - hope we are on another cruise with you.
- Joan & Steve
Hi Brenda,
We met you and Lyn on the recent cruise to the Fjords. Thanks again for all of the laughs and happiness you gave us both from the stage, and the informal chats we had with you. Thanks for your shows - just what the Doctor ordered!
- Maureen & Brian
Dear Brenda,
I felt I needed to contact you about Mum's birthday night on June 26th. I've had so many calls and thanks for the evening, and everyone - without fail - has mentioned you and your entertainment as one of the best things of the night. What a brilliant show.
- C Merrick
Hi Brenda,
Just a short note to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed your shows on board Thomson Spirit. We also enjoyed your DVD and CD.
- Ivor & Joyce, Livingston
Dear Brenda,
I eventually got the pictures back from my sisters - they have done the family rounds. Your show still brings a smile to my face when I think back. The Angel of the North will never seem the same again! Thanks for an original, energetic, hilarious, surreal, mind-blowing - and more - performance. It's a rare gift to be able to make people laugh - particularly at themselves. Thanks again.
- Roger, Notts
Dear Brenda,
Thank you so much for the DVD, I'm sure we will enjoy it many times over.
We hope to see you again on another cruise sometime.
- M Howarth, Morecambe
Dear Brenda,
It was lovely having a chat with you this morning. We really enjoyed both of your shows on the Emerald and look forward to seeing you again.
- Mrs & Mrs Fisher, Leeds
Dear Brenda,
Really enjoyed the show, and thank you for the DVD.
- Chris Williams, Southport
Dear Brenda,
Great show - I wish I could remember the jokes!
- Edith Richardson, Catterick
Dear Brenda,
Thanks for a wonderful evening.
- John Ponsford
Dear Brenda,
Just a wee note to let you know I've had a look around your website.
I think you are a great tonic! Take care and hope to see you soon.
- June
Dear Brenda,
Recently saw you at Primrose Valley and saw on your website that you are coming to Thoresby Hall soon. Hope to see you there.
- Carrieann
Dear Brenda,
Just thought I would drop you a line. We met on the Spirit cruise ship and then again recently on the Calypso. I've noticed on your website that you're on at the Thoresby Hall quite a lot - we actually stay there quite regularly so hope to be able to catch up with you again soon. Best wishes for the future.
- Mischa
Dear Brenda,
Just spent a week on the Calypso and loved your act. Thank you very much for being a part of making our holiday so special.
- Les & Mick Cooper
Dear Brenda,
I would just like to say a big thank you for your company and hospitality on our cruise last week. You certainly made our holiday very special and memorable. Would love to see you again.
- Alison Lomas, Stoke on Trent
Dear Brenda,
Sorry we missed you when you departed the cruise, we both got up early but didn't see you leave. My sides still hurt from laughing.
- Joe & Pauline

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