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  Gigs Diary
Welcome to Brenda's photo gallery.
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  Krack and Dorn poster    Krack and Dorn poster    Krack and Dorn poster    Singing in the Choir    Receiving the Queens Guide award
  John, Paul, Ray, Jack, Brenda, 1967 - Original band John, Alan, Paul, Ray, Brenda, 1968 John, Dave, David, Brenda, 1974 John, Stan, Jonathan, Brenda John, Alan, Paul, Brenda, 2008 Reunion
2008 Reunion The Famous Bicycle The Tramp Wonder Woman My mam who sadly died in 1993
My dad My son Peter, Plasterer and drummer My son Richard, music teacher In my cabin on cruise, getting ready for dinner Oct 2007 - The Calypso, Brenda's birthday
Oct 2007 - The Calypso The Calypso Team, 2007 Messages from The Calypso team Destiny Cruise, 2008 Emerald Cruise, Entertainment Team
Calypso 2008 - Lyn, Lesley, Brenda, Lyn Calypso 2008 - Assistant Cruise Director and a game show Celebration Cruise 2008, with Gavin Norway 2007 - The Spirit cruise Norway 2007 - Spirit Cruise, QE2 in the background
My friend Mark from Blyth Calypso Cruise 2008 - Friends from Framwellgate Moor Friends Georgie & Nick Greece 2007 Sheila's Birthday, Venice
Dec 2008 Destiny Cruise Ship Chris, Chris, Colin and Jean (Calypso) Calypso Choir Brenda, Lyn and Mollie from Norway My Scottish Friends (Land of the Giants)
Pip, Geoff, Rosie and their mother (Celebration) Family Me in I'm a Celebrity (Get Me Out Of Here Sheila, Sue, Me & Lyn Me, Lyn, Jenny & Derek
My two Brazillian dancers The Destiny Cruise Ship David Blunkett look-a-like: Pauline, Me, Ray and Alisa Cruise Director Keith & Me Johnathan & Eddison (with their clothes on!!)
Glen (Thompson HO), Sue Thompson (Celebration Manager), Staff Captain, Me, Lyn, Ray & Pauline Kathy from the office and me Sean & Tyler, my dancers on the Celebration Pauline, Glen, Me & Lyn Paul & Alex on the Destiny
James, Gavin & Me from the Destiny Lyn, Me & 2 Margarets Ric & Sylvia, from Seaham Me & my friend Our first clippy mat
My friend Johnathan Richard Brenda Gavin Lyn Me and Fletcher Dawn Thomson Manager, Me, Sheila Riley
Sister Eileen and husband Steve Leaning Tower of Pisa Cabin boy on Destiny Kane Davis, Cruise Director, Destiny Fletcher's Birthday Party
Dancer Judith Ray, Cruise Director

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